Hillary Stiff is a Managing Director of Cheval Capital, one of the top banking and brokerage firms in the web-hosting industry. Hillary Stiff assists her clients with a number of services, including helping them buy and sell other companies.

Some of the key factors that affect the desirability of a web-hosting company are the size and quality of its customer base, its organic growth rate, and the systems used to provide its services. Also key to many buyers is how the hoster differentiates itself from its competitors. Other factors that can play a role include the quality of internal accounting and billing systems, revenue growth of existing customers, among others.

Distinctiveness can be a double-edged sword however. A very unique company might not be the best fit for a web-hosting company looking to buy another company to merge easily into its standardized system.                            
Hillary Stiff serves as the managing director of Cheval Capital, an investment bank and brokerage that focuses on the hosting and internet service provider industry. A regular speaker at industry events, Hillary Stiff has been a regular presenter and panelist at HostingCon.

HostingCon, the first trade show exclusively dedicated to web hosting and cloud services helps professionals to gain access to the intelligence, trends, and technology that are the most relevant for the industry.

Each year at HostingCon industry leaders present on timely topics. Because the trade show is vendor-neutral, people can attend without feeling pressured into buying products. Exhibitors are not there to push their agendas, but can present their new products and services that may be of interest to others in the industry.

The next HostingCon will be held in June 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Information on programming, attendance, and costs can be found at www.hostingcon.com.
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